Small Business Owners Face Many Challenges

Owning a small business is equal to a lot of hard work. Even though the it is small, and some people might not think it would be hard to run, small business owners face troublesome issues every day. However, most owners would agree that owning their own enterprise is its own reward.There are many challenges for small business proprietors to face. Since most small ventures are also sole proprietorships, there is no one else for the owner to turn to help fix whatever problems the enterprise is facing. Additionally, a small business owner has to make decisions for every aspect of it, from good business resources, such as what products to order, who to hire and fire, accounting and payroll, the design of it, its insurance, not to mention the actual day to day running of the enterprise itself.A larger enterprise has someone for each of those tasks, so the workload is spread out over more people. Also, in a small business, the owner can almost never take a vacation, because the operation needs him or her there practically all the time it is open, and sometimes when it is not.There are many financial decisions that small business owners must face as well. Especially with a new venture, keeping track of finances is incredibly important. If the gross margin (which is sales minus variable costs) is not always greater than the fixed costs of the enterprise, then the business is likely to go bankrupt.If this happens, and if the enterprise was undercapitalized, then the business owner becomes responsible for paying any outstanding debt from his or her own pocket. If the business owner has invested all of his or her money into the company, or if they have no other means of income, then it is very likely that the company will go bankrupt as well.There are many hidden taxes for small businesses, and sometimes the taxes alone are enough to drive a small company into bankruptcy. However, with proper funding and knowledge of good management advice, becoming a small company owner can be a smart decision.Owning a small enterprise is hard. Small business owners probably have one of the hardest jobs that there is. To be a good enterprise owner, it takes a unique kind of person who likes many challenges. It may seem impossible at first, but with hard work and good company practices, the effort will offer great returns.

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